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What Is The Best Gel Pen?

Teeth whitening has never been easier. However, there is one question that people constantly ask. What is the best gel pen for teeth whitening?

There are different products for different percentages of peroxide pens. The most common variant is an 18% Hydrogen peroxide pen. It is commonly used by professionals and teeth-whitening technicians. In fact, it might be the one your local teeth whitening salon offers right now. Another common variant is the carbamide peroxide pen. It's usually used at home because it is less abrasive and does not need to be professionally applied and it comes with 16% to 44% carbamide peroxide solution.

More and more people invest in having whiter teeth and find their way to teeth whitening salons. During this time, experts have been putting an effort to create a stronger and better teeth-whitening gel pen for professionals to use.

And now we introduce to you the IceWhite Pens and BlackOut Pens: Our Strongest Gel Pens Yet!

Why are the IceWhite and BlackOut Gel Pens a Superior Product?

‚Äʬ†35% Hydrogen Peroxide Produces Extreme Results
‚Äʬ†90 Shelf Life
‚Äʬ†Sleek, Black Shell Design
‚Äʬ†Easy to dispense tube

These gel pens are a breakthrough in teeth-whitening products. Both have a concentration of 35% Hydrogen Peroxide which is above every other gel pen concentration produced right now. IceWhite and BlackOut gel pens are clinically approved to whiten your teeth up to 6 shades lighter in a single session.

Both pens have been proven to work not only by scientists but also the local and international teeth-whitening professionals and technicians. Feel free to look at our customer reviews here.

So to answer the question of what is the best gel pen for teeth whitening? It's not so obvious that it is well indeed both IceWhite and BlackOut Gel Pens!

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